Actuarial Careers

Careers in Actuarial Science

Actuaries deal with estimation of future costs associated with a risk transfer. That’s pretty much how I sum up actuarial science, and therefore actuarial science careers, in a single sentence.

In order to be considered a fully credentialed actuary, there are a series of actuarial exams to be taken. The requirements for each credential varies depending on the actuarial organization you are seeking membership in and also the regulations of your host country.

Actuarial Jobs Quick Stats

Median pay (annual): 93,680 USD (2012)
Median pay (hourly): 45.04 USD (2012)
Entry level education: Bachelor’s degree
Projected 10-year growth: 26% (2012)
Number of jobs: 24,300 (2012)
Similar professions: Accountants and Auditors, Financial Analyst, More
Occupation type: Profession

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