Art of Cold Calling

This is a guest post by Zi, detailing cold calling which may be useful for networking with industry professionals in the actuarial industry

Cold calling is perhaps the most controversial topic. The sales person would directly call his potential customers who have no idea the phone calls were going to take place. Sometimes, they would hang up or even verbally assault you. As technology advances, many methods are replacing cold calling, such as emails, social media like Facebook, or texts. As a result, cold calling is slowly fading away from the marketing world. However, there are still numerous advantages to cold calling as many companies still use this method to attract more customers. Here are some useful tips to practice before dialing the numbers.

To start off, think of these calls as introductory calls where all you are doing is introducing your products to someone who might be interested. Instead of thinking you are wasting your prospects’ precious time, think of it as offering them an opportunity where they could benefit from using your services. Next, make sure your lists of prospects are appropriate. For example, you should always research the neighborhood’s background before cold calling them about your dog-walking services to find out if there is a high demand for it. Next, a sales script will always be useful; especially the answers to potential objections the customers might throw at you. Knowing what you will say ahead of time is better and will improve your confidence. Finally, try to establish a friendly and interactive relationship with your prospect. Despite how experts are claiming that cold calling is ‘dead’, you could still put this practice into good use for your company.

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