Hunger Games – Catching Fire Movie Review

I was recently blessed with having two free tickets to the Canadian premiere of the new Hunger Games – Catching Fire movie, 3 days before the official movie release date. So I decided to take a break from actuarial exams, and relax a bit by seeing a movie before everyone else.

The Screening

The tickets I received admit 2 people, however it’s an oversold event so you have to arrive early in order to get a seat (and entry). The screening starts at 7:30pm so I arrive at 6:15pm. There’s already a HUGE lineup and we get into line. The ticket says no cell phones allowed, so we don’t even have cell phones to play with during the wait. It turns out that they collect the cell phones and other electronic items into a kind of “e-check” (like a coat check, but for electronics) so we could’ve brought them. With my cell phone, I could have worked on making more posts about actuarial exams and actuarial resumes for all my viewers of this site. Still, I suppose it’s better to be safe and leave the cell phones at home than risk not getting admitted.

The Actual Movie

The action scenes were interesting… they didn’t seem to focus on the characters’ deaths as much as the first film. I don’t need the gory details but it’s nice to see what happens to each character instead of having them show up as dead without any story or fleshing out of their characters. The romance scenes were well filmed.


The overall movie was good except for one part I didn’t like… highlight the below to see what it is (SPOILER CAUTION):

Katniss ends up falling for the butcher’s boy she got stuck in the games with instead of the guy from back home who was waiting for her. This shows you should never let your girlfriend go on an adventure with another guy because things “could happen”.



And now back to studying for my next actuarial exam!

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